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Terms & Conditions

Last updated Jan 19, 2019


Users who place orders with MouseWatcher agree to pay the total price displayed during the order creation process. If order payment fails or is withdrawn after an order is created, the user agrees that their order will be cancelled and no services will be provided.


Users who place orders with MouseWatcher agree to receive notification messages from MouseWatcher. Users agree that they will receive notifications starting at the date and time the order is placed until the date and time of the last reservation requested in the order. Users agree that they can deactivate notifications by confirming their email address and creating a password to login to MouseWatcher, then editing their order to deactivate notifications. Users who provide a phone number for their order agree to receive SMS text notifications from MouseWatcher (message and data rates may apply), and may opt-out by replying STOP. Users agree that notification message volume will vary based on the number of times reservations are found matching the criteria specified in user order(s). Users agree that they may receive no notifications if a matching dining reservation cannot be found which matches the criteria specified in user order(s).


Users will only receive promotional messages from MouseWatcher if they have opted in. Users may opt out of promotional messages at any time via the unsubscribe link included in messages, logging in and opting out in their profile, or by contacting MouseWatcher directly. MouseWatcher user/order data is never shared with or sold to any third parties for the purposes of promotions, sales, advertising, etc.